Issue 17  |  December 2014
Travelport is multi award winning

Travelport has had a busy couple of months and has been successful winning the following awards:

Business Traveller Africa Awards 2014
Beating Amadeus and Sabre within the same category, Travelport was awarded ‘GDS of the Year 2014’. This is a fantastic accolade and we’re thrilled to have won.

TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards
Travelport was named the ‘Best Technology Supplier’ by the Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand (TAANZ). This category required Travelport to be nominated by a travel agent in New Zealand and Travelport are delighted to announce we won against Sabre and Amadeus to receive this honor.

National Travel Industry Awards
This prestigious event recognizes companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to the travel industry. The ‘Best Travel Agent Technology Innovation’ category, awards programs and projects that have successfully leveraged technology solutions to create products which improve business processes of Australian retail travel agencies. The Travelport Merchandising Platform was the winner of this category out of five finalists and strong competition. The award demonstrates the value that the Australian travel industry sees in our efforts to advance how airline fares and ancillaries are booked, searched and sold via the travel agent to the end traveler

Opinion piece:

Redefining the booking experience for your travelers

If you’re not familiar with the systems your Travel Management Company (TMC) uses to help your travelers book their business trips, you may want to consider finding out more. After all, the technologies that support your TMC’s sales process also play a big part in your travelers’ service experience and your travel program’s success.

With the right travel systems in place, your TMC can redefine the booking experience of your travelers based on:

  • A broader range of travel content, including low-cost fares, traditional airfares, differentiated hotel content and ancillaries, all in one place
  • Intuitive, graphical tools that give agents fast access to the information travelers need and streamline the booking process
  • Fast, relevant search results that meet your travelers’ individual needs

Read the full article by Travelport’s Director of Channel Development Matthew Beck, to find out how the latest travel technologies can help your TMC improve your travelers’ booking experience and your broader travel program.