Issue 11  |  September 2014

…to the latest issue of GlobalView.

In this issue, we’re delighted to share with you a new case study from one of our customers - Travel Management Partners (TMP) who worked with Travelport to increase the use of passive booking reason codes. This allowed TMP to better identify why passives are being booked and enabled them to focus on those properties with the most potential to convert.

We also have a number of other articles including what’s the latest trends in corporate travelnew mobile ticketing with Deutsche Bahn, and how with our 20 minute matters webinar series your agents can master hotel and car bookings via Travelport Smartpoint, in a matter of minutes.

As we continue through 2014 we look forward to the opportunity of working together and providing solutions that support your businesses globally. I hope you find this edition useful and please feel free to contact me and the rest of your Travelport team if you have any questions.

Case study

Find out how Travel Management Partners improved the efficiency of the hotel bookings that they made on behalf of their clients

Travel Management Partners were able to further improve the service they provide to their customers through a thorough analysis of their passive bookings 

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