Issue 13  |  April 2015

…to the first edition of GlobalView for 2015.

 In this issue we’re delighted to announce that over 100 airlines have signed up to offer additional content, including branded fares and ancillaries, through our travel commerce platform. This means your agents now have access to the same content and information that’s previously only been available on the airline’s website.

We also have a new Travelport Smartpoint case study with World Travel, Inc. as well as an opinion piece on how Travelport is delivering IATA’s vision of New Distribution Capability (NDC). Finally, we have some important new provider news to share.

We hope you find this edition of GlobalView useful. Please contact us or any of your Travelport team if you have questions.


Accessing branded fares and ancillaries

Your agents need to be able to help your customers make the right travel choices.

With access to branded fares and ancillaries that includes rich visual imagery and detailed product descriptions, your agents can compare and sell airline content that’s previously only been available on the airlines website.

With over 100 airlines now signed up* to offer this additional content , your agents will spend less time searching and more time selling within their existing workflow, helping to improve customer service  and boost your agency’s sales.

To learn more, click here.

* Over 100 airlines have signed up to offer this content with 63 live and available via the latest version of Travelport Smartpoint.