Issue 9  |  March 2014
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…to the first issue of GlobalView for 2014.

In this issue, we’re delighted to share with you a new paper and a case study.


The paper is an opinion piece that investigates the rise in “multi-modal” bookings, i.e. bookings that incorporate both air and rail segments. And the case study finds out how Travelport helped take Meritor’s travel program to the next level. We also have some great news to bring you from the recent Globe Travel Awards.

Lastly, we’ve rounded up some important recent announcements on new partner agreements we’ve finalized and some important key upcoming events you might like to attend over the next few months.  

As we continue through 2014 we look forward to the opportunity of working together and providing solutions that support your businesses globally. I hope you find this edition useful and please feel free to contact me and the rest of your Travelport team if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy this issue



Bryan Carroll

Bryan Carroll
Travelport VP Global Accounts,
American Express